The Conveyor (EPY-Horizontal) / Elevator (EPD-Vertical)

The Conveyor (EPY-Horizontal) / Elevator (EPD-Vertical) is the equipment designed with the purpose to collect the solid phase (pomace) at the outlet of the decanter and move it outside the plant. The Screw conveyor is dimensioned for each type of decanter to convey safely the quantity and type of solid sludge produced and to avoid any solid accumulation below the decanter. The screw conveyor is made of stainless steel AISI 304, resistant to wear, rust and corrosion, while other parts are made of ST37 steel.


Conveyors and Elevators consist of a screw and a surrounding chamber. The conveyors transfer the product horizontally, while the elevators transfer the product to the high place with the foot connections. It is connected to the plant control panel and the pump feeding the decanter can only operate when the conveyor and elavator are active.

*HAUS, reserves the right to modify the specifications herein at anytime without prior notice.