Stream sensor

Flow sensor for OFF-LINE flow-through sensor holders for measuring water flow.

Inductive proximity switches ETATRON are sensors for OFF-LINE holders that respond to the proximity of a metal object to their sensitive part. The sensitive part of the inductive sensor is located at the end and is protected by a plastic cap.

Inductive proximity switches for shutting down metering pumps in the absence of water flow.

Execution :

  • N.A. (Normally open) ,
    Flow sensor for liquid analyzers (controllers) of the eSELECT series and dosing pumps of the DLX (B) model PH-RX-CL / M and BT PH-RX-CL / M.
  • N.C. (Normally closed) ,
    The flow sensor is used only for DLX (B) PH-RX / MBB, BT PH-RX / MBB metering pumps.
Name Code Price without VAT, (€ )
Flow sensor [2 FILI NA] for eSELECT, DLX (B) PH-RX-CL / M, BT PH-RX-CL / M ASO0000712 33
Flow sensor [2 FILI N.C.] for DLX (B) PH-RX / MBB, BT PH-RX / MBB ASO0000703 42
Flow sensor [3 FILI] for R, B ASO0000701 40