PH level sensor with cable, plastic

Plastic pH sensor / electrode with cable

With cable, 1m., 5m. or without cable.

PH level sensor with cable, plastic - used in Etatron automatic water treatment plants.
The sensor case with a diameter of 12 mm is made of polycarbonate (EPDM) with solid electrolyte, which guarantees operation when pressures up to 5.5 bar 60° C, come with a coaxial cable from 1 to 5 m long with a BNC connector.

PH Sensor Specifications:

  • Signal slew rate: 95% per 1 second.
  • Measurement range: 0-14 pH.
  • Calibration fluid, type: pH 4, pH 7 and pH 9.
Name Article Price without VAT, (€)
pH bar sensor 60° C, 1 meter wire AEL0001902 98
pH sensor 4 bar 60 ° C, 5 meter wire AEL0001903 104
pH bar 5.5 bar 60° C, without wire AEL0003401 101
Caution! do not use the sensor at negative pressure, do not allow the sensor to dry and use at low temperatures.


Calibration frequency is a function of the electrode, pH meter and solutions being measured. The electrode and pH meter should always be calibrated along with the calibration interval determined by experience.
  1. Remove the electrode from its bottle or cup
  2. Rinse the electrode with water
  3. The electrode is ready to use
  4. Follow the calibration procedures according to the PH meter instructions.
  5. Always use fresh buffers.


Always store electrodes wet. Store in pH buffers or running water. The coating on the electrodes must be chemically dissolved using a chemical substance in which the coating is soluble. Soft non-abrasive fabrics such as cotton swabs can also be used. Avoid using any abrasive materials that will scratch the measuring surface.


The sensor must not be allowed to dry; during short-term storage, it is possible to place it in water.