Rx buffer solutions for calibration

Calibration (buffer) solutions of RedOx (ORP) RX 475 mV and RX 650 mV for servicing ORP electrodes.

Rx calibration (buffer) solutions are intended for calibration and maintenance of Rx sensors (electrodes). RedOx (redox potential: redox potential).

Buffer solutions RX 475 mV and RX 650 mV are solutions of yellow and pale yellow.

Supply : 55 ml plastic bottle.

We recommend calibrating the Rx electrode once a month.

Name Article Price without VAT, (€)
Calibration solution RX 475 mV, 55 ml ASZ0001101 11
Calibration solution RX 650 mV, 55 ml ASZ0001501 11

Store calibration solutions in a dark place, at a temperature not exceeding 25° C, away from direct sunlight to prevent a photochemical reaction. In addition, buffer calibration solutions must be protected from carbon dioxide from the air and stored in tightly closed, sealed containers. The labeling of each plastic bottle indicates the validity of this calibration solution.