Rx level sensor with cable, plastic

Plastic sensor / Rx electrode (ORP) with cable

With a cable 1 m., 5 m. or without a cable.

RX level sensor with cable, plastic - used in Etatron automatic water treatment plants.
The sensor case with a diameter of 12 mm is made of epoxy resin with a gel-filled transport electrolyte, this ensures operation at pressures up to 6 bar, they are delivered with a coaxial cable from 1 to 5 m long with a BNC connector.

RX Sensor Specifications:

  • Sensor height: 120 mm.
  • Operating range ± 2000 mV.
  • Maximum operating temperature: 0-60 degrees.
  • Membrane: ceramic.
  • Electrode: Platinum.
  • Sensor diameter: 12 mm.
  • Electrolyte: electrolytic gel.
  • Sensitivity: 59 +3 mV / pH at 25 ° C.
  • Type of connector: BNC.
Name Article Price without VAT, (€)
RX sensor 4 bar 60 ° C, 1 meter wire AEL0002002 104
RX sensor 4 bar 60 ° C, 5 meter wire AEL0002003 110
RX sensor 5.5 bar 60 ° C, without wire AEL0004001 106
Caution! do not use the sensor at negative pressure, do not allow the sensor to dry and use at low temperatures.


Wash and dry the electrode by shaking, but not wiping, do not clean the sensor, always use new buffer solutions.
• Calibration: according to the conditions of use, about once a month.
? The period of continuous operation is 1000 hours, after which it must be placed in a KCL solution to restore sensitivity. It is recommended that a filter be installed in front of the flow housing.
? Outwardly, the sensor resurface cannot be determined.

Cleaning :

In case of unstable readings, when the sensor gives readings slowly or intermittently, it is possible to restore normal operation by cleaning if there are deposits on the electrodes. To do this, it is necessary to clean the metal surfaces with a non-abundant material, such as toothpaste.

Storage :

The sensor must not be allowed to dry; during short-term storage, it is possible to place it in water.