DCL Chlorine Dioxide Sensor

SONDA DCL Combined Chlorine Dioxide Sensor

The sensor is not compatible with the presence of surfactants.

Measurement range:

  • 0 ÷ 2 ppm
  • 0 ÷ 20 ppm

SONDA DCL Combined Chlorine Dioxide Sensor for measuring chlorine dioxide in water, supplied with electrolyte, used in Etatron automated water treatment plants. For accurate readings, the working pH should remain unchanged. The sensor can not be used in water with surface-active substances (surfactants), flocculant. Connecting cable not included.

The design and operation of the SONDA DCL closed-type amperometric (potentiostatic) sensor is a closed galvanic cell (similar to a battery), which has a cathode (in gold or platinum) and an anode (silver or copper). For automatic temperature compensation of the readings of the electrodes, a liquid temperature sensor is integrated. The cell is filled with electrolyte and separated from the medium by a membrane, which prevents the loss of electrolyte and allows only the composition of the liquid to be measured to be measured, which is also a filter from unnecessary and harmful impurities. All that the membrane passes is a source of current generation on the sensor electrodes. The filtered membrane composition enters the electrolyte filling the sensor, where it decomposes at the cathode. The formed ions enter the anode, where they are oxidized - a current arises proportional to the concentration of the analyte in the water, the level of which was necessary to measure. A microcircuit is integrated in the housing, which processes the current coming from the electrodes and the built-in temperature sensor, converts suitable voltage for potential processing of the reagent by the controller into voltage (potential)

SONDA DCL Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Specifications:

  • Sensor Type - CD4N
  • Measuring range 0-2 ppm (0-2 mg / l), 0-20 ppm (0-20 mg / l)
  • Measurement of chlorine dioxide in the range of 1-14 pH
  • Maximum operating temperature - 45 degrees
  • Workflow 30-40 l / hour
  • Max. back pressure in the system - 1 bar
  • Automatic temperature compensation - yes
Name Type Article Price without VAT, (€)
SONDA DCL chlorine dioxide sensor, 0-2 ppm CD4N ASO0003102 1123
SONDA DCL chlorine dioxide sensor, 0-20 ppm CD4H ASO0003101 1123
SONDA DCL chlorine dioxide sensor, 0-2 ppm 8 bar - 70° C   ASO0003103 2078
Warning! Connecting cable is not included.

DCL Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Connection

A special connecting cable with combined plugs is used to connect the DCL chlorine dioxide sensor to the liquid analyzers.

The connection is as follows:

Connecting the DCL Chlorine Dioxide Sensor

The DCL chlorine dioxide patch cable is not supplied with the chlorine sensor. Connection cable sold separately.