Sensor for measuring ozone

SONDA OZ Ozone Sensor

Ozone sensor SONDA OZ - necessary for measuring ozone in water, supplied with electrolyte, used in Etatron automatic water treatment plants. The cable is not included, a non-standard sensor holder is required (on request).

Sensor Specifications:

  • Measuring range 0 - 2 ppm (0 - 2 mg / l) or 0 - 20 ppm (0 - 20 mg / l)
  • Measurements of ozone in the range of 2 - 11 pH
  • Low pH dependence
  • Maximum operating temperature - 45 degrees
  • Need a constant flow of 30 - 40 l / hour.
  • Max. back pressure in the system - 1 bar
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • 0-2.000 mV analog output signal
Name Article Price without VAT, (€)
SONDA OZ ozone sensor, 0-2 ppm ASO0005502 1342
Ozone sensor SONDA OZ, 0-20 ppm ASO0005501 1342
Caution! The connection cable is not included.

SONDA OZ Ozone Sensor Connection

A special connection cable with combined plugs is used to connect the ozone sensor to the liquid analyzers.

The connection is as follows:

Connection of the SONDA OZ ozone sensor

The connection cable for the ozone sensor is not supplied with the chlorine sensor. Cable sold separately.