Connecting cables for SONDA HP sensors, with BNC connector

Cables for hydrogen peroxide sensors, with BNC connector

SONDA HP sensor cable - required to connect the HP hydrogen peroxide sensor to the eSELECT fluid analyzer or metering pump with an integrated DLX (B) / BT PH-RX-CL / MB type controller.

BNC connector (for signal) and plug type « Hirschmann » (for power supply)

Name Article Price without VAT, (€)
0.7 m DLX / Controllers cable SCV0001003 144
0.7 m cable eONE / eCONTROL SCV0001301 144
0.7 m DLXB cable SCV0001004 156
2 m DLX / Controllers cable SCV0001005 157
2 m cable eONE / eCONTROL SCV0001302 157
5 m DLX / Controllers cable SCV0001006 171
5 m cable eONE / eCONTROL SCV0001303 171
15m DLX / Controllers cable SCV0001002 204
15 m cable eONE / eCONTROL SCV0001304 204

Connection cable connection

A special connecting cable with combined plugs is used to connect the SONDA HP sensor to dosing pumps or liquid analyzers.

The connection is as follows:

Connecting the connecting cable