Level sensor with 2 m cable

Level sensor with 2 m cable with reed relay.

The level sensor is designed to control the level of the reagent in the tank and a special plate for attaching to the intake valve.
It sends a low level signal of the reagent to the metering pumps of the DLX, DLXB, PKX, BT series.

  • Material: heads - polypropylene, cable - PVC
  • Cable length - 2 meters
  • Connector: type « Hirschmann » (G4W1F)
  • For liquids with a minimum specific gravity: 0.8
  • Power 5-12 V
  • Switching capabilities: load up to 50 W (SPST)
  • max. switching current 0.5 A
  • Operating temperature up to 50° C
Name Code Price without VAT, (€ )
Level sensor with 2 m cable SSO0000402 33