Flow-through holder OFF-LINE PH-RX-CL (FS)

Flow-through OFF-LINE holder for pH, Rx, PT100 and CL chlorine sensors.

  • The sensor holder includes: sampling nipple, fine adjustment knob, flow sensor.
  • Maximum flowing fluid temperature: 45° C.
  • Maximum back pressure in the system: 5 bar.
  • Connections: 1/2" nipple per 10x14 hose.
  • Compatible for connecting to liquid analyzers (controllers) of the eSELECT series.
  • Compatible for connecting to BT PH-RX-CL / M and DLX (B) PH-RX-CL / M series pumps.
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Sensor holder PH-RX-CL (FS) for AG-Select - eSELECT - eCONTROL - DLX (B) pH-Rx-Cl / M - BT pH -Rx-Cl / M - eONE PLUS SPS0001801 528