eSELECT and AG-SELECT high precision fluid analyzers

eSELECT and AG-SELECT - a new generation of high-precision liquid analyzers for measuring electrochemical parameters: pH, RedOx (ORP), free (total) organic or inorganic chlorine CL.

Liquid analyzers (controllers) eSELECT and AG-SELECT is equipped with a color LCD 4 ” with backlight and Russified menu.

ETATRON D.S. specializes in the production of controllers that are of high quality and innovative design.

Features of the liquid analyzers (controllers) of the eSELECT and AG-SELECT series:

  • A wide range. The manufacturer offers four main models of the eSELECT and AG-SELECT controller series, which differ in technical characteristics, functionality and the number of measured parameters.
  • A wide selection of connections and switching accessories, controlled by various signals.
  • High Quality . All liquid analyzers are manufactured in accordance with EU standards and meet the ISO 9001 standard.


  • The controllers are made in an acid-resistant plastic case.
  • Universal input voltage 90-260V or 12VDC-24V AC / DC.
  • Dust and moisture protection class: IP65.
  • Measuring ranges: 0 ÷ 14 pH ; -1000 ÷ +1400 mV ; 0-2; 0-20; 0-200; 0-2000 ppm (mg / l); 0-100° C.
  • Display Resolution: 0.01 pH; 1 mV; 0.01 ppm / 0.1 ppm; 0.1° C.
  • 4-20 mA galvanically isolated outputs.
  • Alarm settings for concentration limits for MIN / MAX levels.
  • Dosing modes: constant ON / OFF and proportional PROP.
  • Two independent outputs ON / OFF (proximity switch) for each parameter.
  • Two independent 4-20 mA outputs per Set Point.
  • Clock, timer.
  • Automatic temperature compensation (when a PT100 temperature sensor is connected).
  • Support for flow / level / PT100 sensors (not included)