eSELECT B3 electronic water analyzer pH / Rx / CL

PH / RedOx / Cl liquid analyzer (three indicators to choose from) eSELECT B3 series.

eSELECT B3 - a high-precision electronic liquid analyzer for measuring electrochemical parameters: pH, RedOx (ORP), free (total) organic or inorganic chlorine to choose from.

The electronic controller eSELECT B3 is equipped with a color LCD display with backlight and includes a Russified menu, made in a plastic case for wall mounting.

The eSELECT B3 Liquid Analyzer contains galvanically isolated electronic components that provide a high level of immunity to electromagnetic interference.

Name Article Price without VAT, (€)
eSELECT B3 Liquid Analyzer, 90-260V CXB5010101 1442
eSELECT B3, 12V DC - 24V DC / AC Liquid Analyzer CXB5010111 1587


  • Three measurement parameters to choose from: pH or Rx or free / total chlorine CL or PPM measurement.
  • Alarm for continuous dosing time.
  • Alarms for limit concentrations of MIN / MAX levels.
  • Menu type selection: Standard / Expert.
  • Russified menu.
  • Delayed start, delayed measurement.
  • Password protection of the settings made.
  • The controller has a dosing control mode: constant ON / OFF and PROP. proportional.
  • Two independent outputs ON / OFF (proximity switch) for each measured parameter.
  • Two independent 4-20 mA outputs per Set Point (SETPOINT).
  • The fluid analyzer supports the connection of a flow sensor, a reagent level sensor, as well as a PT100 temperature sensor (sensors are not included).
  • Automatic temperature compensation (when connecting the PT100 sensor).
  • The controller has a clock and timer for daily or weekly programming of operating modes.
  • Power supply voltage as standard: 90-260 VAC 50/60 Hz; on request: 12-24 V DC; 24 V of alternating current.
  • Power consumption: 15 W (1A peak current).
  • Operating temperature range: 0-40° C.
  • Dust and moisture protection class: IP65.
  • pH measurement range: 0-14 (resolution 0.01pH).
  • Measuring range RedOx (ORP): -1000 ... + 1400 mV (resolution 1mV).
  • Range of measurement of chlorine (free or residual): 0-2 mg / l; 0-20 mg / l; 0-200 mg / l; 0-2000 mg / l (resolution 0.001 / 0.01 / 0.1 / 1 mg / l).
  • Range of measurement in PPM mode: 0-2 PPM; 0-20 PPM; 0-200 PPM; 0-2000 PPM (resolution 0.001 / 0.01 / 0.1 / 1 PPM).
  • Measured temperature range: 0-100° C (resolution 0.1° C).

The eSELECT B3 liquid analyzer is equipped with the following outputs:

  • ON / OFF relay output (NO / NC proximity switch) for controlling dosing pumps or other ON / OFF actuators (max. current 16A with resistive load; 3A with inductive load).
  • Two independent ON / OFF relay outputs per measurement channel.
  • Current output (analog): 4-20 mA (dynamic 0..500 Ω).
    Two independent 4-20 mA current outputs per measurement channel.
  • TTL output: 0-999 pulses / min. Two independent TTL outputs per measurement channel.
  • Alarm relay output ALARM ON / OFF (contactless relay NO / NC), alarm for continuous dosing time and for limit concentrations of MIN / MAX levels
    (max. current 5A with resistive load; 0.7A with inductive load) .
  • AUX ON / OFF relay output for timer control of actuators (scheduled operation)
    (max. current 5A with resistive load; 0.7A with inductive load).
  • RS232 output (RS232 serial port) for PC connection or scheduling.

The eSELECT B3 liquid analyzer is equipped with the following inputs:

  • BNC input for connecting a signal from pH or RedOx or Chlorine sensors.
  • Input (plug type « Hirschmann ») for connecting power to the SONDA CL chlorine sensor.
  • Input for flow sensor.
  • Input for connecting the PT100 temperature sensor.
  • Input for reagent level sensor.
  • The controller has two independent inputs for the reagent level sensor on the measurement channel.