DLX metering pump PH-RX-CL / M

DLX PH-RX-CL / M metering pump with integrated pH / RedOx / Cl controller (optional)

  • Productivity: 1 ÷ 20 l/hr.
  • Pressure: 2 ÷ 10 bar.

Dispenser with controller for pH/Rx (ORP)/CL (ppm) correction

The DLX PH-RX-CL/M dosing pump with a PVDF head is a compact microprocessor-based dispenser with an integrated controller of pH (acid/base balance), <span > RedOx (the redox potential of Rx) and free chlorine (Cl) .

The DLX PH-RX-CL/M dosing pump is used to dispense liquid reagents; it monitors and regulates the level of pH, RedOx, Cl liquids. Measurement ranges of pH 0-14 with a resolution of 0.01 pH, RedOx from -1000 to +1400 mV with a resolution of 1 mV, Cl 0-20 ppm with a resolution of 0.1 ppm.

Before setting the operating mode, one of the three measured parameters must be selected: pH, RedOx or Cl. Program the installation point (digital value of the selected parameter level) and the metering direction (more/less relative to the installation point).

Dosage regimens:

- Manual . In this mode, the performance is set in the range from 0 to 100%. The pump will dispense at the set capacity and will stop when the set point is reached.

- Proportional « PROP » . In PROP mode. sets the point of maximum performance in the range from 0 to 100%. The pump will run at maximum frequency until this point is reached, after which it will start proportional dosing. The processor will automatically monitor performance and stop the pump at the installation point. When the level differs from the installation point, the pump will start dosing again.

Additional functions: calibration of sensors, setting of 4-20 mA output, alarm, thermal compensation (when the corresponding PT100 sensor is connected), setting the delay time for switching on and the time for continuous dosing, applying a password, completely or partially restarting the pump.

  • Metering pump with integrated pH/RedOx/Cl controller (optional).
  • Dosing modes: proportional to PROP. or permanent ON/OFF.
  • Measurement range: 0-14 pH; -1000 + 1400 mV; 0-20 ppm (mg/L).
  • Backlit LCD.
  • Three status indicators.
  • 5 touch buttons for selecting pump operating modes.
  • 4-20 mA output.
  • ON/OFF relay output for alarms.
  • Automatic temperature compensation (with PT100 temperature sensor).
  • Support for flow sensors and level sensors (not included).

External dimensions DLX PH-RX-CL/M

External dimensions DLX PH-RX -CL/M

DLX PH-RX-CL/M Performance Diagrams

DLX PH-RX performance diagrams -CL/M


Type Consumption Pressure Code Price without VAT, (€)
l/hour bar pH-Rx-Cl/M
0115 1 15 PLX272225E 482
2 10
3 5
0220 2 20 PLX2703201 568
0507 5 7 PLX270385E 482
6 5
8 2
0810 8 10 PLX272285E 518
10 7
12 3
1504 15 4 PLX272315E 542
2003 20 3 PLX2722001 568
  • 120V - +10%
  • R/C - +60 euro

The dispenser is made in a polypropylene case, degree of protection IP65 (dust, splashes). New sample dispenser head with manual air bleed valve.

The pump control panel with a convenient interface 5 touch control buttons, a menu in the basic and advanced versions and 3 LED indicators of the status of work. All programmable parameters are displayed on the LCD. Sticker control panel coating UV protective film.

Appearance of DLX PH-RX-CL/M pump control panels

Appearance of the panels pump control DLX PH-RX-CL/M

Options DLX PH-RX-CL/M

Each DLX PH-RX-CL/M pump comes standard with:

  1. Dosing pump (1 pc.).
  2. Flexible PVC intake hose (4 meters).
  3. Discharge hose (2 meters).
  4. Intake valve (1 pc.).
  5. Injection valve (1 pc.).
  6. Passport instruction (1 pc.).

DLX PH-RX-CL/M pump installation example

DLX pump installation example PH-RX-CL/M