Multifunction Digital Pump DLX MF / M

Multifunction digital pump DLX MF / M proportional dosing: from a pulse flow meter, from a 4-20 mA signal and at the set ppm.

  • Productivity: 1 ÷ 20 l/hr.
  • Pressure: 2 ÷ 10 bar.

DLX Digital MF/M dosing pump with PVDF head for dosing liquid reagents of any chemical composition. This is a multifunctional digital dispenser operating in manual mode or in proportional dosing mode from pulses of an external flow meter, from a 4-20 mA signal and according to the set ppm .

Dosage regimens:

- Manual . Productivity is set using the control buttons in the ranges:
0-120 pulses per minute (normal dosing method);
0-120 pulses per hour;
0-48 pulses per day.    

- Proportional « PROP » . In this mode, the manufacturer offers a wide selection of functions.

  • The pump doses according to the pulses of the external vitratomir. For each pulse of the flowmeter, the pump delivers a certain portion of the reagent. The number of portions of the reagent is set by choosing the function 1xN (multiplication), 1xN (M) (multiplication with memory), 1: N (division). The values of N and M are entered by the user.

    In the multiplication function 1xN and 1xN (M), N is the number of pump pulses, M is the number of such flowmeter signals recorded in the dispenser memory. If the number of recorded pulses is 4 times greater than N (memory buffer overflow), then the LED and audible alarms will work, the service relay will turn on and stop the pump.

    In the distribution function 1: N, N is the number of pulses of the flowmeter.

  • ppm mode (millionth of a share) . This mode is used when it is necessary to meter very accurately.
    The parameters of the signal from an external flowmeter, the volume of the reagent per pump pulse,% - the reagent concentration and ppm value (from 0 to 20.00) are programmed in the menu. The microprocessor of the pump, using this data, determines and sets the number of pulses per volume of water passing through the flowmeter.

  • The proportional dosing mode from an external 4-20 mA signal .
    The pump pulse frequency is proportional to the received mA signal, the larger the signal, the greater the productivity.
    Using the menu, the minimum value is set and the maximum value of the external signal with the corresponding pulse frequency (dots « Setting 1 » and « Setting 2 »).

For example: 4 mA = 0 pulses per minute, 20 mA = 120 pulses. At these points, the pump starts or stops running. The pulse frequency dosage will vary from 0 to 120 per minute - in proportion to changes in the external signal from 0 to 20 mA. It is also possible to set a reversible external signal from 20 to 4 mA by changing the value: 20 mA = 0 pulses per minute, 4 mA = 120 pulses.

- Additional functions: timer, control from a remote device, electronic clock (d/m/g/h/m) with memory and a buzzer.
When you turn on the daily timer, the pump runs up to 8 cycles per day, and when you turn on the weekly timer, up to 8 cycles per week.
  • Multi-function digital proportional dosing pump.
  • Backlit LCD.
  • Dosing modes: manual ON/OFF; by timer; proportional: 4-20 mA, from a pulse flowmeter: multiplication 1xN, multiplication with memory 1xN (M), division 1: N; at the set ppm.
  • Electronic clock.
  • Timer.
  • Buzzer.
  • ON/OFF relay output for alarms.
  • Three indicators for displaying work status.
  • 5 touch buttons for selecting pump operating modes.
  • Support for output and level sensors (sensors not included).

External dimensions DLX MF/M

External dimensions DLX MF/M

DLX MF/M Performance Charts

DLX MF/M performance diagrams


Type Consumption Pressure Code Price without VAT, (€)
l/hour bar MF/M
0115 1 15 PLX172225E 367
2 10
3 5
0220 2 20 PLX1703201 448
0507 5 7 PLX170385E 367
6 5
8 2
0810 8 10 PLX172285E 397
10 7
12 3
1504 15 4 PLX172315E 423
2003 20 3 PLX1722001 448
  • 120V - +10%
  • R/C - +60 euro

The dispenser is made in a polypropylene casing, degree of protection IP65 (dust, splashes). New sample dispenser head with manual air bleed valve.

Appearance of DLX MF/M pump control panels

The appearance of the control panels of the DLX MF/M pumps

DLX MF/M Options

Each DLX MF/M pump comes standard with:

  1. Dosing pump (1 pc.).
  2. Flexible PVC intake hose (4 meters).
  3. Discharge hose (2 meters).
  4. Intake valve (1 pc.).
  5. Injection valve (1 pc.).
  6. Passport instruction (1 pc.).

DLX MF/M pump installation example

DLX MF/M pump installation example