BT Electromagnetic Dosing Pumps

BT dosing electromagnetic pumps

BT dosing electromagnetic pumps

  • Productivity: 5 ÷ 80 l / hr.
  • Pressure: 1 ÷ 20 bar.

BT Solenoid Metering Pumps - have the highest performance in ETATRON D.S. (up to 80 l / h). Depending on the version, the pump control can be either analog or digital with the support of various sensors and information interfaces.

  • Solenoidal diaphragm metering pumps with analog and microprocessor control.
  • The aluminum casing is coated with a PTFE protective film.
  • Operating modes: manual, by an external pulse signal (1xN; 1xN (M), 1: N), by an external 4-20 mA signal.
  • Options: reagent level control (sensor not included), level alarm; timer, relay output.
  • LCD display.
  • The standard voltage is 230V 50Hz.
  • Protection of IR65.
  • The control panel is protected by a transparent polycarbonate cover.
  • The pumps have support for a reagent level sensor, flow sensor, and output flow sensor.





BT performance charts (up to 20 l / h)

BT performance charts (up to 20 l / h)

BT performance charts (up to 30-80 l / h)

BT performance charts ( up to 30-80 l / h)


External dimensions



type Consumption Pressure Pump head type Price excluding VAT, (€)
l / h bar MA / AD MA / M VFT pH-Rx-Cl / M MF
0510 5 10 E 343 379 456 541 557
0520 5 20 C 502 542 566 650 670
1010 10 10 E 376 414 512 596 614
2005 20 5 B 434 470 515 601 618
3004 30 4 D 589 630 647 732 753
5003 50 3 D 608 651 666 783 783
8001 80 1 D 608 651 666 783 783
  • 120V - +10%

Various BT Pumps

The BT metering pump range consists of 5 different designs.

MA / AD is the most simple analog pump with manual control and without a digital display. Performance control in the range of 0-100% or 0-20% (for more accurate dosing of small volumes of reagent) Operation with the rotary knob of the potentiometer and mechanical buttons On / Off and 0-20% / 0-100%.

MA / M - a digital pump with manual control. Performance is set on the display in 1% increments using the touch buttons. Has a relay alarm output. In addition to the level sensor, it also supports a flow sensor.

VFT is a pump that supports manual or proportional control from a pulse flow meter. All pump controls are mechanical: buttons, a rotary knob for selecting modes, a mechanical display for programming pulses. It can work in manual mode (on / off), and in proportional mode in 1xN multiplication, multiplication with 1xN (M) memory or 1 / N division, where N is the number of pulses of the flowmeter.

MF is the most advanced digital pump in the BT range. It supports dosing in manual mode, proportional dosing from a 4-20 mA signal, from a pulse flow meter (as well as in the VFT series), as well as at the set ppm (similar to a percentage, but a millionth share). Clock, timer, buzzer for more convenient programming work. Relay alarm output. In addition to the level sensor, it also supports a flow sensor.

pH-RX-CL / M is a proportional pump that has built-in controllers for pH, RedOx (redox potential), chlorine. pH is measured in the range 0-14, RedOx from -1000 to +1400 mV, chlorine 0-20 ppm (mg / l). Supports automatic thermal compensation (when connected to the appropriate PT100 sensor). It has a 4-20 mA output, as well as an alarm relay output. In addition to the level sensor, it also supports a flow sensor.

Appearance of control panels of various varia Performance of BT pumps

Appearance of control panels of various design options BT pumps

Terms of Service

  • Power supply for single-phase pumps - 200-260 volts.
  • Ambient temperature +5 to +40 ° C.
  • Relative humidity 80% at temperatures up to +31 ° C, at a temperature +40 ° C; relative humidity 50%.
  • Operating altitude not more than 2000 meters.

Package Contents

The standard delivery of each BT pump includes:

  1. Dosing pump (1 pc.).
  2. Flexible PVC intake hose (4 meters).
  3. Discharge hose (2 meters).
  4. Intake valve (1 pc.).
  5. Exhaust valve (1 pc.).
  6. Passport instruction (1 pc.).