DLXB Diaphragm Solenoid Pumps

DLXB diaphragm solenoid pumps


DLXB diaphragm solenoid pumps

  • Productivity: from 1 ÷ 20 l / hour.
  • Pressure: up to 20 bar.

DLXB diaphragm solenoid pumps - a series with a head made of PP or PVDF. The high chemical resistance of the pump materials allows the use of virtually any reagent for dosing. DLXB solenoid pumps can be made as with analog , and in microprocessor control . Pump housings made of plastic protected against acid vapor. The control panel is protected from ultraviolet radiation with a special film. Protection against dust and moisture IP 65. The standard height of the self-priming pump for all models is 2 meters.

DLXB diaphragm solenoid pumps is equipped with a bracket for mounting on a horizontal surface, horizontal mounting .

Performance control for the DLXB series is done by changing the number of pulses per minute. However, for the DLXB variant, an additional R / C cap is provided, which allows you to change the stroke length of the piston for more accurate dosing at low flow rates. The cost of such a cover is 60 euros.







  • Diaphragm solenoid pumps with analog and microprocessor control;
  • Constant and proportional dosing;
  • CE metering pumps;
  • Advanced digital technology, best value for money;
  • Modern technology of metering pumps with integrated pH, Rx (ORP), CL, CD controllers in a compact design.
  • Anti-acid plastic housing, control panel protected by a film from UV radiation;
  • Productivity: 1 ÷ 20 l / h;
  • Pressure: 1 ÷ 20 bar;
  • Suction height: 2 m;
  • Horizontal execution;
  • Protection class: IP65;
  • Dimensions: 190x120x150 mm

DLXB External Dimensions

External dimensions of DLXB

DLXB Performance Charts

DLXB performance charts


Type Consumption Pressure Type
Price excluding VAT, (€)
l / hour bar MA / AD MA / MB VFT / MBB MF / M pH-Rx-Cl / M pH-Rx / MBB
0115 1 15 E 234 259 352 377 492 462
2 10
3 5
0220 2 20 C 343 410 430 458 578 548
0507 5 7 E 238 268 352 377 492 462
6 5
8 2
0810 8 10 E 293 344 380 407 528 498
10 7
12 3
1504 15 4 E 316 383 406 433 552 522
2003 20 3 B 343 410 430 458 578 548
  • 120V - +10%
  • R / C - +60 euro


Operating principle of the DLXB metering pump

The principle of operation of the metering pump is as follows: a Teflon membrane is attached to the piston (plunger), which is actuated by the action of a constant electromagnetic field of the solenoid. When the piston moves forward (under the influence of an electromagnetic field), pressure is created on the pump head, and fluid is ejected through the relief valve. After exposure to the electromagnetic field, the piston returns to its original position with the help of a spring, and fluid is automatically drawn through the intake valve.

The principle of operation is very simple, while the pump does not require lubrication, which reduces the maintenance process to almost zero.
Materials used for the manufacture of pumps make it possible to dispense aggressive liquids.

Various DLXB series pump options

The DLXB metering pump range consists of 8 different versions.

MA / AD is the simplest manual pump. The only analogue pump in the DLXB line. It has a double dosing scale in the ranges of 10-100% and 2-20% (for more accurate dosing of small volumes). The only DLX line pump that doesn't support a level sensor.

MA / MB - dosing pump with microprocessor control. Instead of the rotary knob of the potentiometer, the performance is set on the digital display in 1% increments.

CC / M - proportional dosing pump from external 4-20 mA signals. Manual dosing is also possible (similar to MA / AD). Supports reverse dosing.

VFT / MBB - proportional metering pump from an external pulse flow meter. For each pulse, the pump gives a certain portion of the reagent (the portion is set in the modes 1xN, 1: N, 1xN (M - with a parameter in the memory), where N is the number of incoming pulses). It may also work in manual dosing mode.

MF / M is the most advanced proportional metering pump that supports both a pulsed flow meter and 4-20 mA signals. The only DLX pump that has a two-line LCD with backlight (all other microprocessor pumps have a single-line display with no backlight). Also has a timer, buzzer, clock, relay alarm output. In addition to the level sensor, the pump supports a flow sensor (not included).

PH-RX / MBB - proportional metering pump with integrated pH / RedOx controller. The user determines which parameter the pump controls. pH is measured in the range from 0 to 14, and RedOx (redox potential) from -1000 to +1400 mV (millivolts). The pump runs in constant or proportional mode. On delay function. In addition to the level sensor, the pump supports a flow sensor (not included).

PH-RX-CL / M is a version similar to the previous one, but in addition to the pH / RedOx controller, a chlorine controller is also added (measuring range 0-20 ppm or mg / l). 4-20 mA output. Relay alarm output. Temperature compensation in automatic mode (when installing the appropriate PT100 sensor). In addition to the level sensor, the pump supports a flow sensor (not included).

CD / M - proportional metering pump with controller CD (conductivity). Electrical conductivity is measured in the range from 0 to 1000, or from 0 to 10,000 µS (micro-sensor or. Micro S). 4-20 mA output.

Appearance of control panels of various DLXB pump versions

Appearance of control panels of various versions DLXB pumps

Terms of Service

  • The ambient temperature must be between 0 and +40 ° C.
  • Relative humidity no more than 80% if the ambient temperature is up to +31 ° C. At +40 ° C the relative humidity is not more than 50%.
  • Power supply is single-phase 220 volts (permissible deviation is 210-250 volts). DLX low voltage 12 volt pumps are available on request.
  • The height of the pump during operation should not exceed 2000 meters above sea level.


Materials of construction

DLXB series pumps are made of the following materials:

  • The pump head is PVDF (except for model 0220 made of PVC and model 2003 made of polypropylene).
  • Teflon working membrane (PTFE).
  • Ceramic ball valves, except models 0220 and 2003, which have Viton sticky valves (FPM).
  • Viton elastic pads.
  • Polypropylene / ceramic check valve.
  • Injection valve made of polypropylene / ceramic.
  • Suction (bleeding) hose - made of PVC (size 4x6, color transparent).
  • Injection Hose and PVC (size 4x6, matte).


Package Contents

Each DLXB pump comes standard with:

  1. Dosing pump (1 pc.).
  2. Flexible PVC intake hose (2 meters).
  3. Discharge hose (2 meters).
  4. Intake valve (1 pc.).
  5. Exhaust valve (1 pc.).
  6. Passport instruction (1 pc.)

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