Manual dosing pump eONE BASIC

Dosing pump eONE BASIC

  • Productivity: 2 ÷ 5 l/h .
  • Pressure: 0.5 ÷ 10 bar .

Manual eONE BASIC dosing pump with PVDF head is a compact manual pump for dosing liquid reagents of any chemical composition. The eONE BASIC dosing pump operates in manual or proportional dosing mode.

Dosage regimens:

- Manual . The pump doses in a constant ON/OFF mode, the performance is regulated by the control knob by changing the pulse frequency in percentage terms of 10-100% or 2-20% of the nominal value.

- Proportional « PROP » . The pump doses by the signal of a pulse flow meter, which delivers pulses proportionally to the water passing through it. For each pulse of the flow meter, the pump delivers one portion of the reagent. The portion is set in 1: 1 mode.

  • Productivity up to 5 l/h (83.3 ml/min) with a back pressure of 7 bar
  • Maximum pulse frequency 180 cpm
  • Electrical parameters: universal voltage 100-250 V
  • Height of reagent intake 2 m
  • Level sensor support (sensor not included).


Version MAX stream Article Price excluding VAT , (€)
l/hour bar
0210 2 10 PEU503874I 258
0507 5 7 PEU503884I 258



Structural diagram and materials of execution eONE BASIC

Design diagram and materials of execution eONE BASIC

The metering head has a manual air bleed valve and is resistant to aggressive environments.

Control panel with a simple interface - 4 LED indicators of the status of work, 2 touch buttons to select the operating mode, control knob. The panel sticker is coated with a polyester film that is resistant to UV rays and moisture.

eONE BASIC Control Panel

The pump is delivered ready to operate.
Degree of protection IP65 (dust, splashes).
Mounting option: wall .

Complete set:

  • Dosing pump (1 pc.)
  • Intake hose (2 lm)
  • Pressure hose (4 r.m.)
  • Injection/intake valves (1 pc./1 pc.)
  • Passport and instrument Installation and Maintenance.

eONE Series Pump Functions

Power supply  
230 Vac - 50/60 Hz
Power 32W
Digital and analog inputs  
Input for a pulse flowmeter 1: 1
Input for level sensor
Input for the flow sensor -
Pt100 temperature sensor input -
pH (0-14 pH) -
Rx (-1000-1400 mV) -
Cl (0-2, 0-20, 0-200 ppm) -
Digital 4-20 mA signal -
Outputs >  
Digital 4-20 mA signal -
Relay output
Optional functions  
Management 2-20%,
Proportional dosing (multiplication) -
ppm concentration measurements -
Proportional dosing -
Max. -Min. concentration -