Laundry and dry cleaning dosing system LAUNDRY CONTROL SYSTEM

Laundry and dry cleaning system LAUNDRY CONTROL SYSTEM

LAUNDRY CONTROL SYSTEM is an automatic dosing system for laundries and dry cleaners, capable of controlling the supply of liquid detergents and additives to professional washing machines. The complete dosing system allows you to connect up to 7 dosing pumps and serve up to 4 washing machines at the same time .

System configuration with different type of metering pumps - selected according to the technical specifications.


  • Simultaneous control of up to 7 metering pumps
  • Metering pump type selection:
    • peristaltic pumps;
    • diaphragm solenoid metering pumps;
    • industrial electromechanical
    • dosing pumps
  • Simultaneous maintenance of up to 4 washing machines
  • Simple and affordable programming
  • Support for level sensors (sensors not included)
  • Function « PRIME » - pumping with reagent pumps
  • Programming Pump Start Delay
  • Automatic system recovery after a power failure


  • Standard Power Supply - 230V AC
  • Max. power consumption (not including pumps) - 10 VA
  • Max. power consumption - 15 VA
  • Max. induction. load (for version with output relay) - 2A
  • Dust and moisture protection class: IP65