eTWIN PH-PH dual peristaltic pump with pH controller

ETWIN dual peristaltic pump with PH controller

  • Productivity: 1.5 ÷ 3 l / hr.
  • Pressure: 1.5 bar.

eTWIN PH-PH - compact, easy-to-use equipment, consisting of two metering pumps and two controllers for 2 parameters. Controllers can measure chemical values in pools, such as pH.

The materials of which eTWIN is made are suitable for dispensing the most popular products used in the industry’s pools.

Dosing pumps can be of the peristaltic or electromagnetic type, depending on the version.

External dimensions of eTWIN

External dimensions eTWIN


Pump type MAX stream Code
Price without VAT, (€)
l / hour bar PH-PH
0101 1.5 1.5 CXB8000301 567
0301 3 1.5 CXB8001301 567

Materials in contact with the liquid:

  • Inner hose: Santoprene ®
  • Sampling valve: standard polypropylene
  • Injection valve: standard polypropylene
  • Fence Hose: PVC Cristal ®
  • Discharge Hose: Polyethylene