Peristaltic Pumps BH3-V

Peristaltic Hose Pumps BH3-V

  • Productivity: 100 l / hr.
  • Pressure: 1.5 bar.

BH3-V Peristaltic Pumps (Hose Pumps) is a powerful, variable displacement hose pump for dispensing water, chemicals and detergents. The pump operates in a constant dosage mode, the flow rate is regulated from 10 to 100% manually using a potentiometer.

The working part consists of a working hose (tube) with nipples and a 4-roller mechanism that rotates with a ball bearing.

BH3-V - a series of high-performance peristaltic (hose) pumps.

  • 10-100% capacity control is carried out using a potentiometer located on the front of the pump (using the plastic screwdriver that is supplied with the pump).
  • The pump casing is made of antacid plastic (polypropylene) resistant to chemicals.
  • The working part of the pump (scooters and hose) is protected by a cover made of transparent polycarbonate.
  • The pump mechanism includes a working hose, four scooters and a ball bearing.
  • Fence height: 2 m.
  • Dump height: 10 m.

Working hose construction material : Santoprene®, Norprene®, Silicone, Tygon-LFL.
Pump capacity 100 l / h with back pressure 1, 5 bar.

Materials and design of the pump:

  • Hose (tube) is made of chemically resistant Santoprene elastomer (Norpren - on request).
    Hose size 9.6x15.9 mm (ID / OD inner diameter 9.6 mm / outer 15.9 mm), hose length 28 cm.
    Replacing the Santoprene working hose with a Norpren hose requires replacing the working rollers.
  • Polypropylene pump housing.
  • Polycarbonate faceplate.

Materials and design of the pump:

The electric drive of the pump is a gear motor powered by 90 - 260 V, power 20.0 W, shaft rotation speed up to 150 rpm. The pump is equipped with an operating mode LED indicator and an on / off switch.

External dimensions BH3-V

External dimensions BH3-V


Version Pump characteristic Work hose material Article Price excluding VAT, (€)
l / hour bar
1001 100 1.5 Norprene ®   368
1001 100 1.5 Santoprene ®   368
1001 100 1.5 Silicone   386
1001 100 1.5 Tygon-LFL   391



Name Type Code
Norprene hose 9.6x15.9mm 28cm STU0002113
Silicone hose 9.6x15.9mm 28cm STU00021 15
Tygon hose 9.6x15.9mm 28cm STU0002114
Santoprene hose 9.6x15.9mm 28cm STU0002111

Package Contents

  1. Peristaltic pump.
  2. intake / injection valve.
  3. Fence / discharge hoses (10x14 mm - 2 r.m. each).
  4. Plastic screwdriver.
  5. Instructions and passport.