Regulation and control system PH-RX-F CONTROL PANEL

PH and RedOx control and monitoring system for pools, complete with eSELECT-B2 fluid analyzer.

PH-RX-F CONTROL PANEL - a pre-installed pH and RedOx control and monitoring system for swimming pools, complete with an eSELECT-B2 fluid analyzer. The dosing control and management system is supplied pre-mounted on a plastic chemically resistant panel (400x600x8 mm), without dosing pumps (pumps and (or) other execution devices are selected according to the technical specifications).

The system is based on the eSELECT-B2 series liquid analyzer, with two pH indicators and RedOx, with a universal input voltage of 90-260V and a PH-RX sensor holder with mounting kit.

Measuring ranges: 0-14 pH; -1000 + 1400 mV RedOx. Display Resolution: 0.01 pH; 1 mV. Dosing modes: constant ON / OFF or proportional PROP. The system is controlled by a fluid flow sensor, in the absence of flow - the system goes into standby mode.

Two independent outputs ON / OFF (proximity switch) for each measured parameter. Two independent 4-20 mA outputs per Set Point. Electronic clock (time, date), timer.

Two programmable ON / OFF outputs (contactless relay) for connecting a pump for dosing a flocculant or setting a "shock" chlorination timer. Alarm ON / OFF (proximity switch) output.

Electronic locking of the settings made with a password. Dust and moisture protection class: IP65. Pre-installed wiring (in the box) for connecting two ON-OFF external devices (for example, metering pumps).


1 pc. - ESELECT-B2 230V fluid analyzer
1 pc. - PH level sensor with 0.5 m cable.
1 pc. - RX level sensor with 0.5 m cable.
1 pc. - sensor holder PH-RX (FS) with mounting kit
1 pc. - calibration solution PH 7.55ML
1 pc. - calibration solution PH 9.55ML
1 pc. - calibration solution 650 mV, 55ML
1 pc. - mounting plate 450x600x8 mm