Free Chlorine Control and Monitoring System CL-F CONTROL PANEL

The system of regulation and control of the level of free chlorine CL-F CONTROL PANEL.

CL-F CONTROL PANEL is a pre-installed system for regulating and controlling the level of free (residual) chlorine in water for swimming pools, as well as for other water treatment processes. The dosing control and management system is supplied pre-mounted on a plastic chemically resistant panel (400x600x8 mm), without dosing pumps (pumps and (or) other execution devices are selected according to the technical specifications).

The system is based on the eSELECT-B1 liquid analyzer, with a universal input voltage of 90-260V, a flow-through potentiostatic free chlorine sensor SONDA CL (organic / inorganic chlorine) and a SONDA CL (FS) sensor holder with mounting kit, including a flow sensor .

Measuring ranges: 0-2 (20) ppm (mg / L). Display Resolution: 0.01 ppm. Dosing modes: continuous ON / OFF or proportional PROP.

Two independent outputs ON / OFF (proximity switch). Two independent 4-20 mA outputs per Set Point. Electronic clock (time, date), timer.

The SONDA CL sensor operates in the range of 4-12 pH and is compatible with the presence of isocyanuric acid, surfactants and flocculants in water, subject to a constant flow of 30-40 l / h (through the sensor holder), MAX temperature 45 ° C and MAX working back pressure in 1 bar system.

The SONDA CL sensor has an integrated automatic temperature compensation system.

Dust and moisture protection class: IP65. Pre-installed wiring (in the box) for connecting one ON-OFF external device (for example, a metering pump).


1 pc. - liquid analyzer eSELECT-B1 230V
1 pc. - chlorine sensor SONDA CL, FIC / FOC, 0-20 (0-2) ppm
1 pc. - sensor holder PH-CL (FS) with mounting kit
1 pc. - connecting cable for SONDA CL
1 pc. - mounting plate 450x600x8 mm
1 pc. - set of installation and maintenance instructions