POOL GUARD MINI dosing and pH / Rx control stations

POOL GUARD MINI dosing and pH / Rx control stations

POOL GUARD MINI dosing and pH / Rx control stations - an automatic dosing and monitoring system for PH and RX levels for swimming pools up to 500 m 3 , has a simplified programming procedure, budget cost.

The panel provides space for installing a flow-through pH-RX sensor holder . Pool Guard Mini dispensing system is supplied mounted on a chemically resistant plastic panel, in a complete set, ready for installation and commissioning.


  • Dosing delay at the moment of system start-up
  • Alarm for level or flow sensors
  • Alarm settings in case of changes in the maximum concentration of reagents (Min / Max levels)
  • Proportional and constant dosing regimen
  • Alarm relay output for connecting external devices
  • Set dosing delay
  • Setting the hysteresis
  • High class dust and water protection of pumps
  • Support for flow sensors and reagent level (Option)
  • Two PKX-MA / A Series metering pumps


  • eControl 2 Liquid Analyzer
  • PKX-MA / A 5-5 pump
  • PKX-MA / A 5-5 pump
  • PH level sensor with 5 m cable
  • RX level sensor with 5 m cable
  • Mounting kit KIT PH-RX, without flow sensor
  • Mounting plate 450x600x8 mm
  • Solution calibration PH 7, 55ML
  • Solution Calibration PH 9, 55ML
  • Calibration Solution 650 mV, 55ML
  • Two reagent injection valves
  • Two reagent intake valves
  • Two reagent intake hoses 4x6, PVC, 2 meters
  • Two reagent injection hoses 4x6, PE, 2 meters
  • Instruction
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l / h
pH RX Price without VAT, (€)
POOL GUARD MINI 5 5 0 … 14 - 1000 +1400 1329