Solution preparation unit

Solution preparation unit

Block for preparing the solution is designed and mounted for dispensing solutions into technological systems. The solution preparation unit may be completed with a flow meter for proportional dosing or with a 4-20 mA signal.

The photo, for example, shows a ST-D CA diaphragm metering pump that dispenses a solution of sodium phosphate from a container of 230 liters.

The company "ETATRON-UKRAINE" has explosion-proof pumps Ex (ATEX).

The package of the dosing complex includes:

  • Capacity 230l
  • Pump dispenser ST-D CA 60 l / h, 11 bar
  • Mixer 1400 rpm, 80 cm
  • Caliper plate for installation on the capacity of the mixer and metering pump, 20mm

The composition of the solution preparation unit includes:

Tank 230 l with a support plate for installing a mixer and a metering pump
Manufacturer - ETATRON (Italy)
The tanks are made of their chemically resistant polyethylene, with lockable drainage holes in the bottom.
The total volume is 230 liters. Height - 870 mm. Diameter - 610 mm.
The support plate of the tank must be used when a mixer or motor-driven pump is mounted on top of the tank.

Mixer 80 cm
Manufacturer - ETATRON (Italy)
For use with low viscosity liquids in medium tanks or tanks, for mixing or preparing a chemical compound.
1400 rpm high-speed mixer with flange connection for tank mounting.
Recommended for 230 liter containers.

Diaphragm dosing electromechanical pump ST-D CA 60 l / h, 11 bar
Manufacturer - ETATRON (Italy)
The dosing pump is controlled by a vertically mounted motor.
The principle of operation is a spring return mechanism. Self-priming - up to 2-3 m
Manual adjustment of productivity 0-100% or 4-20 mA signal with additional installation of a servo drive or frequency converter