Dosing of alkali with a dosing pump for ammonia removal

System for water purification from ammonia / ammonia.

The presence of ammonia in the water indicates that wastewater from sewage treatment plants, animal waste, fertilizers or pesticides, etc. was taken into surface water or into wells. The toxicity of ammonia is also affected by temperature and pH.

The ammonia content in drinking water should be up to 0.5 mg / l, if there is an excess of this norm, this can lead to serious problems for human health.

Consider a way to remove ammonia using aeration: aeration by pre-dosing alkali.

To remove ammonia in the aeration column using air, ammonia and carbon dioxide are purged. Using a Etatron D.S. metering pump DLX VFT / MBB , which is powered by a pulsed flow meter, dosing alkali (for example sodium hydroxide), the next step is the air supply in the aeration column, where ammonia is removed.

Name Article Price without VAT, (€)
Metering pump DLX VFT / MBB 0810 230V / 240V CP-PVDF PLX232285E 359
Impulse flowmeter 1/2 "1,5m3 / hour. 1 imp. / 1 l. ACT0C015C0 83
Capacity 100l. MDPE 1SRB002 152
Ammonia / ammonia water purification system - 594


System for cleaning water from ammonia / ammonia.


Ammonium / ammonia water purification system