DUTRION dosing unit

Automated chlorine dioxide dosing unit.

The DUTRION dosing unit is used for automated dosing of chlorine dioxide in a water supply system consisting of:

  1. Dosing pump (specially for the supply of chlorine dioxide, European production; pump capacity is selected depending on customer requirements and can vary in the range from 8 to 150 liters per hour).
  2. Plastic containers (volume from 50 to 1000 l) complete with intake and solution pipes, with a liquid level sensor that turns off the pump if the solution level in the tank is below normal.
  3. Pulse water meter (with a diameter depending on the diameter of the pipe), giving the pump a signal about the amount of water passing through.


The principle of the system is simple and consists in the following: a water meter installed on the pipeline measures the amount of water and transmits a pulse to the pump; according to the data received from the water meter, according to the parameters previously set on it, the pump picks up the solution from the tank and injects it into the system using an injector with a check valve cut into the pipe.

DUTRION dosing unit does not require constant monitoring, easy to operate.

For disinfection, Etatron-Ukraine LLC offers a complete solution for the dosing station and DUTRION chlorine dioxide.