Reagent farm complexes (COFI)

Reagent farm complexes

ETATRON reagent farm complexes are facilities and equipment for receiving, preparing solutions and dosing various types of reagents used in water supply and sewage systems.

Reagent farm complex is intended for the preparation of aqueous solutions of chemical reagents used in wastewater treatment systems:

  • coagulants (aluminum, iron salts);
  • flocculants;
  • solutions for neutralizing wastewater (meadow, milk of lime, various acids).
Name Article Price without VAT, (€)
Metering pump eONE MA 0110 90 / 260V PEU453895E 299
Liquid level sensors SSO0000402 32
60l capacity. MDPE 1SRB045 139
Electric stirrer PP-AF 1-6-4 0.18 kW AGT1241003 491
Pallet for capacity ACA0002401 256
Reagent farm complexes - 1217