Seed dressing pump

Seed dressing pumps.

Seed dressing - a special way of using drugs for the neutralization of pathogens of fungal and bacterial diseases that spread through seeds, planting material and soil.

The seed treatment system is designed to operate independently and in fully automated lines. ETATRON DLX Series metering pump provides high precision and pickling quality and easy maintenance. DLX metering pump models are available with mechanical and electronic displays.

ETATRON pickling system with two independent DLX pumps allows you to simultaneously process the seed with two different substances simultaneously without mixing.

  • Power supply - 220 / 380V.
  • Pump productivity - up to 20 l / hour.
  • Capacities for pickling liquid - 100 l.

Dispensing liquid dispenser - solenoid type. The control system is manual / electronic. Available in versions of various capacities from 1 to 20 l / h. It can optionally be equipped with: a different number of nozzles, containers and different automation (water meter). Seed dressing pumps.

Name Article Price without VAT, (€)
Metering pump DLX MA / AD 0810 230V / 240V CP-PVDF PLX232285E 274
Pneumatic nozzle 136433 136433xx 127
6 m PE hose SHLA0001 4
Capacity 100l. MDPE 1SRB002 152
Seed dressing system - 557