Chemical dosing stations DLXB

Chemical dosing stations DLXB

DLXB dosing stations are used to introduce chemicals into the water treatment systems for the industrial and household sectors. The station consists of a tank and a metering pump.

A dosing station is needed where the preparation and precise dosing of liquid solutions is necessary.

Dosing stations are designed for dosing aggressive and neutral liquids, solutions, suspensions and emulsions in industrial processes. For a more accurate measurement of fluid volume, you must use high-precision dispensers.

Depending on those. requirements, the station operates in manual mode, by a 4-20 mA signal or by a pulse signal.

DLXB dosing stations
Metering pump brand DLXB VFT / MBB 0507
Number of dispenser pumps 1 pc.
Metering pump manufacturer "ETATRON DS", Italy
Maximum performance of the metering pump 5 l / h
Maximum working pressure 7 bar
Maximum power consumption 37 W
Voltage 220 V, 1 f 50 Hz
Protection class IP 65
Dosing tank volume 60, 100, 200 liters
Name Code Price without VAT, (€)
DLXB metering pump VFT / MBB 0507 230V / 240V CP-PVDF PBX390385E 332
Liquid Level Sensors SSO0000402 32
Capacity 100l. MDPE 1SRB002 152
DLXB Chemical Dosing Stations - 516