Dosing stations for milk of lime

Dosing stations for milk of lime

Lime milk dosing stations ETATRON in sugar production processes.

Principle of Operation

Installed next to the tanks, the BT metering pump receives an external signal for operation from the pH controller and starts to supply limestone milk from the tank to the process pipeline with a certain frequency. The level sensor is not included in the delivery package and prevents dry running.

The package of the dosing complex includes:

  • BT metering pump
  • PH controller
  • Level sensor (optional)
  • pH sensor with 5m cable
  • PH sensor holder
Name Article Price without VAT, (€)
Dosing pump BT PH-RX-CL / M 5003 230V / 240V PBT2719001 760
PH polycarbonate electrode with 5 m cable AEL0001903 104
PH Sensor Holder SPS0001001 197
AG-SELECT-B1 controller CXB1000101 625
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