Biocide Dosing Station

Biocide Dosing Station

Today, a biocide dosing station or biocide dosing pumps are gaining great popularity among enterprises engaged in water treatment, water treatment and disinfection. Biocides is a new chemical product that does not contain chlorine, but at the same time they effectively purify water and destroy microorganisms in the water and cause damage to the inner surface of pipes, including pitting corrosion.

Use of ETATRON D.S. pumps for dosing biocide allows you to establish the process of disinfection (disinfection) of water in automatic mode.

To achieve high efficiency with the use of biocide in the field of water treatment, a complex of equipment is used, which includes:

  • metering pumps;
  • Controllers;
  • Electrodes;
  • Capacity for preparing a biocide solution;
  • The control, automation and control system for all devices of the biocide pumping system.

Dosing pumps for dosing biocide and other reagents can be diaphragm, peristaltic, solenoidal and plunger. These types of pumps for biocide differ in their structure and principle of operation. The duration of operation of metering pumps depends on the performance of the materials of the flow part. Our company offers you dosing pumps in which the flow part of the pump is made of materials resistant to almost all types of chemicals. Our pumps are characterized by high performance, accuracy and a long service life.

In our assortment there are metering pumps of various capacities (0 l / h - 1027 l / h). Depending on your needs, we can offer comprehensive solutions for water treatment, water purification, disinfection and disinfection using biocides or other chemicals.

If you could not choose the metering pump that you need, then our experts will help you to choose, and also you will receive answers to all questions that you may have. You can also order accessories for systems for dispensing biocide and other chemicals for water treatment: electrodes, controllers, containers, holders, hoses, mixers, as well as spare parts for pumps.