PH correction station

Automatic PH Correction Station

The DLX PH-RX / MBB metering pump has a microprocessor control, the PH level parameter is entered using the keys on the pump display. It is possible to connect a reagent level sensor, duct, and water temperature, sold separately.

Information from a measuring cell with a pH sensor enters the control unit in the pump, which doses the drug to correct the PH in the required amount depending on the set value.

ETATRON-UKRAINE PH correction station monitors and corrects the acid-base balance "pH".

Name Code Price without VAT, (& euro;)
DLX metering pump PH-RX / MBB 0507 230V / 240V CP-PVDF PLX360385E 438
PH polycarbonate electrode with 5 m cable AEL0001903 104
Sensor holder STD 1/2 "PP + O-ring 3062 KPS0002301 14
100l capacity. MDPE 1SRB002 152
Submersible level sensor with 2 m cable SSO0000801 106
PH correction station - 814