Vacuum pumps dispensers VP

Vacuum metering pump VP


Adjustable performance 0 ÷ 4 cm 3


The pump operates at the washing pressure of the dishwasher.
The pump is installed on the water supply pipe, usually between the heater and the solenoid valve, connecting the suction channel to a container filled with rinse aid. The pump configuration allows you to install it in various ways.

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VP vacuum dispenser pump 1PDD001 61


Use the pipe installed inside the dishwasher to connect the pump to the dishwasher rinse installation from the outlet side between the heater and the solenoid valve. Using the pipe of the dishwasher, connect the pump to the reservoir with a brightener on the inlet side.


Use a nut. The pump can be installed in any direction.


Unscrew the adjusting screw until the screw comes out 12mm (the O-ring on the screw should remain in place), then pull the screw several times until the brightener forms into the wallpaper of the tube.


During the rinse mode of the dishwasher, the pump injects a brightener, the amount of which can be adjusted from 0 to 4 ml, which is equivalent to the suction length of the tube from 0 to 30 cm. When the screw is completely unscrewed (clockwise), the capacity will be 0 ml, and maximum performance is achieved by turning the screw counterclockwise 10 turns. With each turn of the adjusting screw, the amount of brightener changes by 0.4 ml.


To fill the pump, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise until it projects approximately 12mm. Please note that the o-ring should remain in the pump housing. By exerting pressure on this screw, the product will flow towards the inlet. The pump injects an adjustable amount of rinse aid from 0 to 4 cm3. This directly depends on the length of the inlet pipe, 0-30 cm.

Use the adjusting screw to adjust.
Clockwise - decrease in productivity
<span > Counterclockwise - increased productivity

  1. Connecting branch
  2. Nipple
  3. OR 3056
  4. Stainless steel spring
  5. 3/8 ” Stainless Steel Ball
  6. Bushing
  7. OR 2025

VP vacuum metering pump