Heat Oil Pumps

350 C high temperature pumps, hot oil pumps, hot product pumps.

-Pump for oil thermostats, oil is used as a coolant in the thermostat circuit. The operating temperature of the thermostat is 300 ° C. Thermostats are designed to heat molds and calendars and are used in various industrial processes, including casting, extrusion and forging.

Oil pump for steam generator. Indirect heated steam generator. A special thermal oil is used as a heat carrier. The combined use of thermally oiled steam generator systems is one of the simplest ways to produce the steam needed for production.

Oil heater pump, for dryers.

The circulation pump delivers Thermo-oil, the oil circulates in tubes washed by cold air. As a result of heat exchange, hot air is obtained, which can then be easily used in industrial systems. The largest consumption of thermal oils falls on thermal oil boilers and systems using them.

Circulation pump for thermo-oil boilers. The largest volume of consumption of thermo-oils is accounted for by thermo-oil boilers and systems using them.

Thermal oils are used in systems using a high-temperature oil carrier. The use of thermal oil as a heat carrier for supplying thermal energy in various technological processes in industry is more preferable to steam heating, as it allows to obtain high temperatures at low pressures, which reduces the cost of the main equipment. Due to its high flexibility, many industrial technologies developed in the last decade (for example: the production of polyester resins, synthetic resins, thermoplastic materials, etc.) use thermal oil at temperatures even higher than 340 ° C. Fields of application of thermal oil boilers - heating fuel oil in oil storage tanks - heat production in industry - chemical reactions - drying plants - hot pressing - indirect steam production

Pumps for thermal oil boilers for drying wood, grain, food and feed.

Also, biomass elements can be used as fuel in thermal oil boilers - woodworking waste (sawdust, shavings, wood chips, bark) of any moisture content, wood pellets and granules, peat, crop waste (buckwheat husks, cake and husks of sunflower seeds, hop vine and grapes , boxes of flax, straw, etc.).

Thermal oil boilers find their application mainly in industry, where they replace steam boiler rooms. Thermal oil plants widely used in the West, operating on thermal oil, are used in all areas of energy. Wherever a uniform heating process is required at temperatures up to 450 ° C. Thermal oil is used as the heat carrier of the installation, instead of hot water or steam.