MP - Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic pumps for viscous, neutral, aggressive liquids and food products.

Peristaltic pumps of the MP series are designed for pumping viscous, dense liquids with impurities, solids, as well as lumps, during the pumping of which it is necessary to preserve their original structure.


  • The suction height depends on the diameter of the tube and can be in the range of 6-8 m
  • High performance
  • Permissible pressure in the tube - 1.4 kg / cm2
  • The maximum temperature of the liquid that is pumped is 60 oС
  • The movement of fluid in the opposite direction is impossible
  • The pump can run dry
  • Fluid viscosity should not exceed 1200 cPs
  • Possible change of direction of rotation of the rollers

MP Peristaltic Pumps

The principle of operation of the MP series peristaltic pump:

The principle of operation of this pump is that the pumping of the liquid occurs with the help of rollers that crush the elastic tube, after which it restores its shape. The increase in the internal volume of the tube leads to the absorption of liquid.

Execution of hoses from:

  • NORPRENE - Norpren
  • NORPRENE SUITABLE FOR FOOD - NORPRENE is used for the food industry
  • TYGON - Taigon
  • PHARMED - Used for pharmaceuticals