CDLF Series Multistage Pump (Explosion-Proof)

CDL Ex Series Multistage Pumps

Designed to increase pressure in the existing water supply system. They are high-pressure, highly efficient and do not consume much energy.

The impeller guiding the impeller and all parts that come into contact with the liquid are made of stainless steel by stamping and casting, which means that the flow path is smooth and prevents contamination. The shaft and coupling are made of high quality hard alloy and have a mechanical seal that lasts for a long time and does not leak.

Pumps of this series are made of Ex equipment. Explosion protection of electrical equipment is based on the principle of cooling the explosion products and restricting the flame by means of gaps to a temperature at which ignition of an explosive mixture outside the equipment shell is excluded. The main enterprises in which explosive zones are present are petrochemical, chemical, oil refining, woodworking, paint and varnish, production and transportation of powdered sugar, wood flour, coal dust.

Multistage pumps made of stainless steel. Reliable, silent and easy to operate pumps are used in municipal, industrial and agricultural facilities. For example, in fire extinguishing systems, booster systems, systems for water treatment, irrigation, hot and cold water in heating, cooling and air conditioning systems, especially for powering boilers thanks to the robust design of the pump.

The use of explosion-proof pumping equipment is a mandatory requirement, since the safety of personnel and the environment depend on the reliability of these devices.


Multistage pumps


  • Water supply: water filtration and its supply through water supply networks, pressure increase in the water supply system and in multi-storey buildings.
  • In industry: process water, flushing system, pressure flushing system, fire extinguishing system.
  • Industrial water supply: cooling and air conditioning system, water supply to the boiler, condensation system, production plants, work with acids and alkalis.
  • Water treatment: ultrafiltration system, reverse osmosis system, distillation system, separation, use in pools.
  • Irrigation: irrigation of agricultural land, spray irrigation, drip irrigation, etc.

CDLF Pump Performance Diagrams

Диаграмма производительности насосов повышения давления серии CDLFCDLF 2
Диаграмма производительности насосов  повышения давления серии CDLFCDLF 4
Диаграмма производительности насосов повышения давления серии CDLFCDLF 8
Диаграмма производительности насосов повышения давления серии CDLFCDLF 16


p / p
Name Material AISI / ASTM Scheme
1 Electric motor - Standard / Ex структура насоса повышения давления серии CDLF
2 Body Cast iron ASTM25B
3 Mechanical seal Stainless steel AISI304/316L
4 Water outlet impeller Stainless steel AISI304/316L
5 Impeller Stainless steel AISI304/316L
6 Impeller Stainless steel AISI304/316L
7 Pressure fluid dispenser Stainless steel AISI304/316L
8 Suction and pressure port of the pump Stainless steel AISI304/316L
9 Base frame Cast iron ASTM25B
10 Shaft sleeve Stainless steel YG8
11 Working wheel Stainless steel AISI304/316L
12 Shaft Stainless steel AISI316
13 Impeller clutch Stainless steel AISI304/316L
14 Pump housing Stainless steel AISI304/316L
15 Coupling Carbon steel -
16 Seal FPM/VITON -

CDLF Pump Specifications

Model 50 Hz CDLF 2 50 Hz CDLF 4 50 Hz CDLF 8 50 Hz CDLF 16
Nominal productivity (m³ / hour) 2 4 8 16
Productivity Range (m³ / h)                             1-3,5 1,5-8 6-12 8-22
Rotational speed (r / min) 2900 2900 2900 2900
Engine power (kW) 0,37-3 0,37-4 0,75-7,5 2,5-15
Head (m) 15-195 16-176 12-196 22-189
Temperature range (° C) -15°C
Maximum Efficiency (%) 46 59 64 71
Maximum pressure (bar) 23 22 22 22
Outside temperature до +40°C до +40°C до +40°C до +40°C