Design of enterprises for the production of ethyl alcohol-rectified with a capacity of 300-30000 dal / day from sugar-containing raw materials

Corn, wheat, and other types of sugar-containing raw materials can be used as raw materials for the production of rectified ethanol

The production technology is shown in the figure

The design and construction of a bioethanol plant can be divided into the following sequential stages:

  • Pre-project work
  • Project development
  • Project appraisal
  • Getting permission to start construction
  • Construction
  • Completion
  • Certification of production
  • Production output

Pre-project work includes

  • Development of technical specifications (customer + designer)
  • Getting urban planning conditions and restrictions on the site;
  • Getting technical conditions for connecting energy carriers.
  • Obtaining a license for the production of bioethanol (purchase)
  • Development of plant regulations for the production of bioethanol

Project development

The design of an object of the SS3 consequences class is carried out in three stages:

  1. Feasibility study stage (feasibility study)
  2. Stage P (project)
  3. Stage W (working documentation)

Project appraisal

It is carried out in a specialized organization that has a permit for the examination of projects with the impact class SS3. The examination is stage P. permit to start of construction going on in State Architectural-and-Constructional Surveillance Inspectorate after receiving a positive conclusion of the examination.