Our highly-qualified staff offers the following design services:

  • modern boiler houses for different fuels with complete automation;
  • automated central heat supply station and individual heating with weather dependable heat supply control;
  • manufacturing engineering based on the fermentation with complete processing;
  • automatic equipment, process cycles and enterprises monitoring and control systems.

The company developed more than 100 different projects in Ukraine and over the sea.

The most interesting and presentable projects we participated in, are as follows:
- portside bioethanol plant of UAB NORDETANOLIS company in Klaipeda (Lithuania);
- boiler plant of 1.5 MW in Kotsyubinskoe urban-type settlement of Kievo-Sviatoshynskyi district;
- boiler house of cook-chill food production shop of OOO Strana Vkusa with a power of 1.0 MW;
- central heat supply station with a power of 9.5 MW in Rivne;
- recycling water supply systems of alcohol plants of Ukraine;
- automatic control systems and concentration correction of disinfecting agents for water supply and wastewater disposal system of enterprises of Ukraine, Russia and Moldavia. 

At the moment we are designing:

  • boiler houses of ООО T-Stil in Rivne;
  • energy-efficient distillation/rectification unit with capacity of 10 000 decalitre/day;
  • low-temperature raw material cooking section for the alcohol plant with a capacity of 10000 decalitre/day;
  • waste treatment plant construction project;
  • bioethanol plant of AO Biofuture, Lithuania.

Plant Designing

Система оборотного водоснабжения  Cхемы помещения оборотного водоснабжения Проектирование  установки микрофильтрации с керамическими мембранами

Система оборотного водоснабжения  Cхемы помещения оборотного водоснабжения Проектирование  установки микрофильтрации с керамическими мембранами
Circulation water supply system Flow charts of circulation water supply system facilities  Designing of microfiltration ceramic membrane unit

Boiler House Designing




Reconstruction of consumers goods shop building into a boiler house with installed capacity of 10 tons of steam per hour in 12 Fabrichna Street in Rivne.